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By Richard E. Prior

The main regularly occurring 510 Latin verbs are prepared alphabetically in a desk layout, one verb consistent with web page with English translation. every one verb is totally conjugated and provided in all types. The book's extra gains contain instance sentences to illustrate verb utilization and a grammar evaluation.

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Adhibebo adhibebis adhibebit adhibebimus adhibebitis adhibebunt adhibebor adhibeberis (-re) adhibebitur adhibebimur adhibebimini adhibebuntur Perf. adhibui adhibuisti adhibuit adhibuimus adhibuistis adhibuerunt (-ere) adhibitus sum (-a, -um) es est adhibiti sumus (-ae, -a) es tis sunt Plup. adhibueram adhibueras adhibuerat adhibueramus adhibueratis adhibuerant adhibitus eram (-a, -um) eras erat adhibiti eramus (-ae, -a) eratis erant Fut. Perf. adhibuero adhibueris adhibuerit adhibuerimus adhibueritis adhibuerint adhibitus ero (-a, -um) eris erit adhibifi erimus (-ae, -a) eritis erunt Pres.

Afflixeram afflixeras afflixerat afflixero afflixeris afflixerit afflixeramus afflixeratis afflixerant afflictus (-a, -um) eram eras erat afflicti eramus (-ae, -a) eratis erant afflixerimus afflixeritis afflixerint afflictus (-a, -um) ero eris erit afflicti erimus (-ae, -a) eritis erunt Pres. affligam affligas affligat affligamus affligatis affligant affligar affligaris (-re) affllgatur affligamur affligamini affligantur lmpf affligerem affligeres affligeret affligeremus affligeretis affligerent affligerer affligereris (-re) affligeretur affligeremur affligereminl affligerentur Perf.

Plup. Fut. Perf. SUBJUNCTIVE Pres. aias aiat aiant lmpf Perf. Plup. IMPERATIVE Pres. al INFINITIVE Pres. Perf. Fut. PARTICIPLE Pres. Perf. Fut. aiens, (-ntis) GERUND SUPINE Usage notes: defective Alternate forms: aibam = aiebam; aiio = aio; ain = aisne Model sentence: Ad caelum liventia bracchia tollens, I "Pascere, crude/is, nostro, Latona, do/ere, pascere," ail. -Ovid 48 alO alo, alere, alul, altum nourish, cherish ACTIVE PASSIVE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~IND~_l_C~A_T_IVE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-~ Pres. al6 alis al it alebam alebas alebat alam ales alet alui aluisti aluit alueram alueras aluerat aluer6 alueris aluerit alimus alitis alunt alebamus alebatis alebant alemus aletis alent aluimus aluistis aluerunt (-ere) alueramus alueratis aluerant aluerimus alueritis aluerint alam alas al at alerem aleres aleret aluerim alueris aluerit aluissem aluisses aluisset alamus alatis al ant aleremus aleretis alerent aluerimus alueritis aluerint aluissemus aluissetis aluissent Pres.

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