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By Serge Sharoff

A Frequency Dictionary of Russian is a useful software for all beginners of Russian, delivering an inventory of the 5,000 most often used phrases within the language and the three hundred such a lot common multiword structures.

The dictionary relies on info from a 150-million-word net corpus taken from greater than 75,000 webpages and masking quite a number textual content varieties from information and journalistic articles, examine papers, administrative texts and fiction.

All entries within the rank frequency record function the English similar, a pattern sentence with English translation, part of speech indication, indication of tension for polysyllabic phrases and knowledge on inflection for abnormal varieties.

The dictionary additionally includes twenty-six thematically organised and frequency-ranked lists of phrases on various themes, equivalent to food and drinks, trip, and activities and rest.

A Frequency Dictionary of Russian permits scholars of all degrees to get the main out in their learn of vocabulary in a fascinating and effective manner. it's also a wealthy source for language educating, examine, curriculum layout, and fabrics development.

A CD model is on the market to buy individually. Designed to be used via corpus and computational linguists it offers the total textual content in a structure that researchers can approach and switch into appropriate lists for his or her personal examine purposes.

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08; D 96 436 около Prep near, by • Мой мотоцикл припаркован около дома. — Му motorbike is parked by the house. 48; D 99 43 7 интерёс Nm interest • Люди начинают терять интерес к чтению. — People are starting to lose interest in achievements of previous years. reading. 32; D 99 426 удаваться V manage • Врачам удалось сохранить ей зрение. — 438 просйть V ask • Я прошу вашей помощи. — I am asking The doctors managed to save her sight. for your help. 26; D 98 427 приезжать V arrive, come • Она пообещала приехать в понедельник 439 газёта N f newspaper • Об этом происшествии сообщали все часов в пять.

Even now we can't exclude the possibility that a mistake paper work. 30; D 99 207 уходйть V leave • Поезд уходит с Казанского вокзала в 12 часов по московскому времени. — The train was made. leaves Kazan' Station at 12:00 Moscow time. 97; D 99 22 A Frequency Dictionary o f Russian 1 Animals собака 718 dog медведь 2877 bear б ы к 4047 bull животное 1117 animal м ы ш ь 2985 mouse козёл 4099 he-goat птйца 1266 bird л ёпа 2991 paw обезьяна 4116 monkey л бш адь 1398 horse мбрда 3235 snout бёбочка 4200 butterfly ры ба 1412 fish рак 3297 crawfish овца 4237 sheep кош ка 1774 cat порода 3309 breed собачий 4271 dog кры ло 1787 wing кры са 3548 rat тигр 4295 tiger дйкий 1806 wild муха 3568 fly щ енбк 4309 puppy конь 1906 horse свиньй 3669 pig насекбм ое 4414 insect кот 1950 cat (male) змея 3682 snake котёнок 4518 kitten л ев 2030 lion слон 3745 elephant ком ар 4572 mosquito хвост 2118 tail зёя ц 3782 hare коза 4625 goat, she-goat зверь 2304 beast орел 3805 eagle корм 4656 feed волк 2630 wolf гнездо 3881 nest павлйн 4794 peacock корова 2803 cow ро г 4008 horn муравейник 4851 anthill 208 твой P your, yours • Все будет в порядке, твоя мама 214 увидеть V see • Увидя нас, они остановились.

She works at the 'MTS' company. 06; D 97 192 истбрия N f history, story • Сейчас я расскажу вам интересную • Некоторые товары, например, яблоки, стоят здесь дороже. — Some products, for example apples, are more expensive here. 15; D 99 203 почтй Adv almost • С тех пор прошло почти шесть лет. — историю. — Now I'll tell you an interesting Almost six years have passed since then. story. 28; D 99 193 мнбгие P many • Многие мужчины так поступают. — Many 204 писбть V write • Ты просто не умеешь писать грамотно.

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