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The sequence builds an in depth selection of prime quality descriptions of languages worldwide. every one quantity deals a finished grammatical description of a unmarried language including totally analyzed pattern texts and, if acceptable, a glossary and different proper details that's to be had at the language in query. There aren't any regulations as to language relatives or region, and even though distinct cognizance is paid to hitherto undescribed languages, new and worthy remedies of higher recognized languages also are incorporated. No theoretical version is imposed at the authors; the one criterion is a excessive usual of medical caliber.

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Reduplicated prefixes have other phonotactic restrictions than 'normal' prefixes. 4 concluded that the only vowel that appears in normal prefixes is /a/. In contrast to this, in reduplicative prefixes all vowels are allowed to occur, including the low and broken vowels, provided they are a copy of the base. A reduplicated syllable can have stress, in which case it even may have long vowels. Thus there are major differences between Ordinary' prefixes and reduplicative prefixes. 2. Foot reduplication The second type of reduplication is the affixation of a Foot template.

Ng(u) 'wood' 'person' 'talk, chat' 'work' 'walk, go' 'shiver' 'stalk away' 'priest' 'watch X' Organise (X)' 'separate X' 'stop/become silent' 'be long (time)' 'be old' 'talk' 'pelt (with X)' 'tau- 'tau 'reu- 'reu 'rama- 'rama 'laku- 'laku 'ndau- 'ndau 'kaunda- 'kaunda '\vuna- 'wunang(u) 'tanga- 'tangar(u) 'uru- 'uruh(u) ka. 'hau- 'hau. ng(u) ma. ng(u) ma. 'ndäi- 'ndäi ma. 'tua- 'tua pa. 'banja- 'banjarung(u) pa. ng(u) The data in (48) show that it is indeed the foot that is reduplicated, and not a number of segments, syllables or the minimal word (cf.

CLF king '(Each and) every king' b. CLF morning 'Each and every morning' c. ramba king mbaru morning lodu day Apart from the full reduplication of both words, constructions like these may undergo CV-reduplication of either part. This is illustrated in (53). In (53a) both are reduplicated, in (53b) only the first item (the numeral), and in (53c) only the second item (the deverbal noun). According to the informant, reduplication of the second foot in (53d) is informed in this construction. (53) a.

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