New PDF release: A Grammar of Toqabaqita (Mouton Grammar Library)

By Lichtenberk, Frantisek

Toqabaqita is an Austronesian language spoken by way of nearly 13,000 humans at the island of Malaita within the south-eastern Solomon Islands. This two-volume grammar is the 1st entire description of the language, in line with the author's box paintings. The grammar bargains with the phonology, morphology, syntax, and discourse styles of the language, in addition to with its touch with Solomon Islands Pijin. will probably be of exact curiosity to typologists and to experts in Austronesian linguistics.

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77/ anterior-continuing postverbal particle There are several pieces of evidence that such words are indeed disyllabic, rather than monosyllabic with a lengthened vowel (to make them bimoraic). First, even though in fast speech the two vowels are sometimes realized as one long one, normally there is rearticulation of the vowels. There are a few words that consist exclusively of two identical vowels. 2 Phonotactics (2-30) a. b. /nn/ /++/ [n:n] [+:+] 17 ‘be sour’ ‘be located (at a place)’ (There are two verbs with the meaning ‘be located (at a place)’: /++/ and /n++/.

1. 1. Consonant phonemes bilabial plosives voiced voiceless nasals, voiced trill, voiced fricatives, voiceless approximants, voiced lateral glide interdental b m – 6 dental d t n r s labial-velar velar glottal gdb kdp g k 0 ! l w /gdb/ and /kdp/ are doubly articulated, labial-velar plosives. The voiced plosives and the glide are or can be prenasalized: [mb], [nd], [0g], [0gdb], and [0w]. With respect to prenasalization, /w/ behaves as a velar sound. 2. The nonstrident fricatives /–/ and /6/ are voiced intervocalically: [$] and [&], respectively.

House ‘of a married couple: sleep together (and have sex) in the family house (not normally done in traditional times)’ (2-55) Similarly, in the lexicalized phrases in (2-56) the final syllables of the first components receive stress: (2-56) a. spirit-LOC-sky ‘ancestral spirit that resides high up in the air’ b. ground ‘sp. 7ymb7l7] cf. OBJ ‘mutter about him/her/it’ cf. 4. Reduplication Reduplication is a pervasive phenomenon in Toqabaqita with a variety of functions. A number of types of reduplication patterns are distinguished in the language on the basis of two main criteria: (a) the number of syllables reduplicated; (b) prefixation vs.

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