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By Colin Evans

Medical sleuthing and slip-ups within the investigations of fifteen recognized casesRanging from the Turin Shroud and the suspicious loss of life of Napoleon Bonaparte to the homicide circumstances of Dr. Sam "The Fugitive" Sheppard and O. J. Simpson, a question of facts takes readers within essentially the most vexing forensic controversies of all time. In every one case, Colin Evans lays out the conflicting clinical and medical proof and indicates the way it was once used or mishandled in achieving a verdict. one of the different instances: the assassination of JFK, the unusual background of Alfred Packer (the merely convicted American cannibal), the dying of Vatican banker Roberto Calvi, and the pains of Lindy Chamberlain (the "dingo child" case) and Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald (the case acknowledged in deadly Vision). notwithstanding the technology of forensics has helped resolve a major variety of crimes, it really is transparent from a query of facts that many circumstances are extra open than shut.Colin Evans (Pembroke, united kingdom) is the writer of the preferred Casebook of Forensic Detection (Wiley: 0-471-28369-X) in addition to nice Feuds in heritage (Wiley: 0-471-38038-5).

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In their text, obesity miraculously transmogrifies to became an undisputed symptom of chronic arsenical poisoning. This flies in the face of received medical wisdom, which sides with Hindmarsh’s view that “weight loss”11 is one of the commonest symptoms of arsenical poisoning. 28 A Question of Evidence So, of the four classic symptoms of chronic arsenical poisoning, not one was found to be present during Napoleon’s autopsy. Even setting aside the clinical objections, what about the logistics of murdering Napoleon in the manner suggested?

Although rudimentary and unable to detect minute quantities of arsenic, Rose’s test was considered state of the art at the time of Napoleon’s death, and the reason it wasn’t employed was because no one attending the Napoleon Bonaparte (1821) 29 autopsy had any shred of evidence to suspect that Napoleon had been poisoned. Weider continues funding expensive tests on still more strands of hair allegedly taken from Napoleon’s body. In June 2001 a team of French scientists led by Dr. Pascal Kintz, deputy director of the Strasbourg Institut de Médécine Légale, reported finding “very large concentrations of arsenic” in samples provided by Weider.

A model prisoner, while behind bars he became an unlikely cause célèbre, with a string of attorneys applying for retrials and pardons. Although many of these motions had undeniable legal merit, it wasn’t until Polly Pry, a “sob sister” reporter for the Denver Post, threw her lachrymose talents behind Prisoner 1389 at about the turn of the century that the “Free Packer” campaign really took hold. Pry was unbeatable when it came to tugging heartstrings, and she took dead aim at Governor Charles Thomas.

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