Laura Chappell's Advanced Network Analysis Techniques PDF

By Laura Chappell

As a follow-up name to the "Introduction to community Analysis," this e-book offers sound step by step directions on packet interpreting, uncomplicated via complicated filtering and switched LAN research. discover ways to construct filters to trap hackers coming via your firewall, decode 'unknown' protocols, and organize a set off that launches your analyzer in the course of the evening.

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Too often, the manufacturers have to drag this needed information from their clients. -- Laura Using Alarms as Triggers What if you need to capture specific traffic in the middle of the night? You can set up triggers on your network that are based on the alarm settings you configured. For example, perhaps you want your analyzer to start capturing data once the utilization threshold of 80% is exceeded. Figure 1-13 shows a trigger setup for just such a task. The Sniffer will start capturing packets once the Utilization threshold (80%) is reached.

Sniffer is one of those analyzers. As you’ll notice in the next section, long-term trends are gathered by simply keeping the history windows open over days and weeks. You might want to increase the sampling rate or consider buying a bigger hard drive and a few reams of paper for the charts! Advanced Network Analysis Techniques - Chappell 26 Chapter 1: Statistics, Trends, Patterns and Timestamping Long-Term Trends Long-term trends identify the network communication pattern over days, weeks, and months.

Or maybe management)... . Imagine being able to set up a filter to catch anyone who might be running an FTP service regardless of the port that they established the service on. Wheeee! I have no idea who this guy is, but he sure looks happy, doesn’t he? Advanced Network Analysis Techniques - Chappell 42 Chapter 2: Capture and Display Filtering Filtering Overview Filters are used to reduce the number of packets to a manageable number that focus on the area you are most interested in. Figure 2-1 shows the basic flow of filtered data.

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