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By David W. Hollister, Peter H. Byers, Karen A. Holbrook (auth.), Harry Harris, Kurt Hirschhorn (eds.)

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8). Although the electrophoretic migration of the pro al(III) chain is altered after several hours, the rate of synthesis of Type III procollagen is normal, and the migration of the proteins originally synthesized is normal. Thus, the altered mobility is probably due to post-translational modification. In other individuals and families, the amount of Type III procollagen synthesized is markedly decreased but that which is made appears to be normal. It is clear from evaluation of these families that a variety of biochemical lesions in the structure or processing of Type III procollagen accounts for abnormalities in its biosynthesis and in secretion.

The skin is fragile, bruising is prominent, and venous varicosities are common. Some patients have soft skin which is mildly hyperextensible, but the majority have normal skin texture and extensibility. Joint mobility is generally normal, or hypermobility is limited to the small joints of the hands. In some patients with the "acrogeric" form of the disorder, the skin over the distal extremities has an aged, atrophic appearance and in others the hands have a fine, parchment-quality skin. The major complications of the disorder include bowel and arterial rupture and uterine rupture near term in pregnancy.

Holbrook enzyme hydroxylated type IV collagen normally. It is not yet clear whether these findings are explained by isoenzymes of Iysyl hydroxylase present in different tissues, collagen-type-specific Iysyl hydroxylases, or more complete hydroxylation of collagens that are normally secreted more slowly than Type I collagen. Recent observations (Burgeson and Hollister, unpublished observations), in a form of osteogenesis imperfecta with camptomelia, suggest that there may be tissue-specific polymorphism.

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