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Forensic record exam is the examine of actual proof and actual proof can't lie. simply its interpretation can err. merely the failure to discover it, or to listen to its real testimony can deprive it of its price.

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Animal cruelty is gaining cognizance around the globe. With the increase of needed reporting specifications for veterinarians and prosecution of animal cruelty, veterinarians and pathologists desire the assets to correctly help in those situations. Veterinary Forensics is a realistic reference for veterinarians, pathologists and investigators.

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In the third part of this paper, the improved reverse Gamma correction solve a problem which exist in reverse Gamma correction, and get a better result. There still are some shortage in skin detection in this paper. That is the result about some images which have strong lightness or very low lightness. More attention will paid to these conditions later. Acknowledgement The research work is supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China(60872133), Beijing Municipal Natural Science Foundation(4092015), and Scientific Research Common Program of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education (KM201010772023).

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