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By Allen O'Bannon, Mike Clelland

Over a hundred suggestions for rookies and specialists trying to enhance their telemark snowboarding. packed with humorous & functional illustrations.

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Do this drill on a mellow slope and let the fall line do the work. Page 13 Start with a gentle traverse, simply allowing the skis to seek the fall line. Do nothing; just relax and let those skis naturally make a gentle turn in the direction of gravity. Wait until you are pointing downhill, then sink down into the turn and compress and edge those skis out of the fall line. When you complete the turn by coming across the fall line, simply stand back up in your athletic stance, and let the skis start back into the fall line.

Our parallel turning brothers (and sisters) need to twist too, but not as much as we do. The reason is the different positions of our uphill skis. The parallel skier has the uphill ski forward; this transfers to the uphill hip, causing it to face down the fall line with minimal twisting. This is an advantage to the parallel turn. In the telemark turn, the uphill ski is back. This opens the hip up to the hill, but you want to keep that hip facing down the fall line. You need to dramatically twist and lunge to properly face downhill.

This extra forward lean creates a powerful body position that brings those skis around with more snap. It also keeps you weighted over your skis (which helps them hold on the snow vs. slipping out from underneath you). It should feel like your upper body is gracefully falling down the hill as you make each turn. Bending at the hip allows your upper body to lead the way. Page 46 46 Lead with your chin When you lean your body downhill, don't lead with your nosethat forces you to look at your ski tips.

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