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23 24 Alpine Skiing Over time your body will respond with endurance-related physiologic changes. The less fit you are at the beginning of the training, the quicker these changes will manifest. If you are totally new to training, you may need to alter your training after a couple of weeks. Conversely, a well-trained endurance athlete may not even see a noticeable change and may be training only to maintain his current level. How much endurance is enough? One rule of thumb is the point when you can perform your chosen task for 60 minutes at 75 to 80 percent of maximum heart rate.

It can be used in conjunction with taking your pulse or by itself. It can be the primary means of measuring exercise intensity if you do not have a heart rate monitor or a typical heart rate response to graded exercise. People on beta-blocking medications, some cardiac and diabetic patients, pregnant women, and others may have an altered heart rate response and can use the scale in lieu of taking their heart rate. 1 Rating of Perceived Exertion Scale 1 2 3 4 5 Easy Moderate Intense Extreme Exhaustive Training for Muscular Strength As in many sports, skiing requires a prerequisite amount of strength.

Finding the optimal amount of boot stiffness is a give-and-take proposition. If the boot is overly stiff, the skier’s ankle movement will be inhibited, which can impede balance. Though the softer boot enhances balance by increasing ankle range of motion, it lacks the support of the stiffer boot, which can then diminish balance. Ideal stiffness is unrealistic, but being in the right range of stiffness is paramount. Look for a stiffness that allows ankle range of motion while providing support for your body size and skiing ability.

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