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This distinction is the same as that between relationship as substance and relationship as , of these elements, or on both if they are present. In addition, the normative construct of a relative or of a particular kind or category of relative cm also be compounded of either one or the other element, or of both. 3 " (These elements of substance and code for conduct, however, are not of equal value and their different values alone and in combination, along with distance," account for much of the variance in the system at the level of the person, both as decisions about concrete individuals and as normative constructs.

The person has class characteristics as defined by the class system. The person may have occupational, religious, political, or a variety of other attributes, each defined by reference to its own self-contained set of symbols from its domain. It is the construct of the person which articulates the various con- ceptual and symbolic domains of American culture and translates them into actable form; that is, into a set of normative standards, or guides for should behave toward each other can only be summed up in the itk general of all guides to action: enduring, diffuse solidarity.

Indeed its goal or value lies in its enduring qualities, among others. , But the opposition between money and love is not simply that money is material and love is not. Money is material, but love is spiritual. The spiritual quality of love is closely linked with the fact that in love it is personal considerations which are the crucial ones. Personal considerations are a question of who it is, not of how well they perform their task or how efficient they are. Love is a relationship between persons.

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