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See Shibata (1957), Kindaichi (1953), Haraguchi (1979,1997,1998), Nitta (1994) among others. To see the tonal properties of Tsuruoka Japanese, let us begin by examining the facts of nouns and noun phrases. This dialect has two accentual classes for one-mora nouns; four accentual classes for two-mora nouns; five accentual classes for three-mora nouns; and six accentual classes for four-mora nouns. First, let us examine the following cases of two-mora and three-mora nouns in (4). All the examples discussed in this paper are cited from Nitta (1994), basically following his notation with minor notational changes.

Fukui and Takano (1998), on the other hand, agree with Kayne in assuming orderless trees but differ in their mechanism of word-order determination. " For both Kayne (1994) and Fukui and Takano (1998), the problem which Heavy NP Shift poses is the same: Heavy NP Shift appears to be a rightward movement. As we all know, Heavy NP Shift places a "Heavy" DP in the final position of the sentence. If we assume that the position of the Heavy DP is a VP-adjoined position, we have the following structure: 27 (56) VP VP "Heavy" DP Because the Heavy DP asymmetrically c-commands all elements dominated by VP, for Kayne, the linear ordering of the Heavy DP must be always to the left, contrary to the fact.

Goldsmith, 817-838, Blackwell, Oxford. Jackendoff, Ray 1977 X' Syntax: A Study of Phrase Structure. The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA. Kahn, Daniel 1976 Syllable-Based Generalizations in English Phonology. Doctoral dissertation, MIT. Kayne, Richard S. 1994 The Antisymmetry of Syntax. The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA. Kubozono, Haruo 1988 The Organization of Japanese Prosody. Kurosio Publishers, Tokyo. Kuno, Susumu 1973 Nihon Bunpo Kenkyu [Studies in Japanese Grammar], Taishukan, Tokyo. " Linguistic Inquiry 8, 249-336.

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