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By Robin D. Rogers, Andrew H. Bond, Cary B. Bauer (auth.), Robin D. Rogers, Mark A. Eiteman (eds.)

''A grand compilation...Well-bound, well-printed....It is certain that this pioneering booklet can assist starting to be curiosity of the separation scientists in aqueous biphasic structures and increase the scope of the field.'' --- Indian Chemical Society, 1998

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Although such "models" are not derived from purely theoretical considerations, they should nevertheless be thermodynamically consistent. In our research program we have begun with observations and heuristics of others to formulate simple models. Our evolving knowledge-base on partitioning phenomena has led to improved quantification using models which aid the a priori selection of an aqueous 32 two-phase system. Attention is focussed on the importance of solute hydrophobicity and solute charge, particularly for low molecular weight solutes, and how these phenomena relate to phase system parameters to influence partitioning.

And K+ hypothetical partition coefficients of the ions in the absence of a potential. The interfacial potential will be larger the larger the K/K. ratio. A salt with two ions that have very different affinities for the two phases will generate a larger potential difference than a salt with ions that have similar affinities for the phases. It can be shown that, in the presence of excess of salt, a protein will partition according to: In K p = K; + (FZ/RT)'" (4) where Kp is the partition coefficient of the protein and K; is the value of this coefficient when the interfacial potential (generated by the excess salt) is zero or when the protein net charge Z is zero.

When sodium chloride is substituted for sodium citrate on a weight· basis in the 36 Table 1. Concentration difference (L\w2 = w2' - wt) between the phases in three aqueous two-phase systems. The composition of each component is given as its weight fraction. 306 preparation of the two-phase system, the tie-line length decreases as shown in Table 1. Sodium chloride is less effective than sodium citrate at causing the two-phase phenomenon. 0% sodium citrate systems (data not shown), the tie-line length increases slightly.

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