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By Rudi Te Velde

"Aquinas on God" offers an obtainable exploration of Thomas Aquinas' notion of God. targeting the "Summa Theologiae", the paintings containing Aquinas' so much systematic and whole exposition of the Christian doctrine of God, Rudi te Velde acquaints the reader with Aquinas' theological knowing of God and the metaphysical ideas and propositions which underlie his undertaking. Aquinas' perception of God isn't handled as an remoted metaphysical doctrine, yet from the point of view of Aquinas' huge theological view which underlies the scheme of the Summa. Readers drawn to Aquinas, old theology, metaphysics, and metaphysical discourse on God within the Christian culture will locate this new contribution to the reviews of Aquinas helpful.

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41 It is a scientia based on revelation in the Scriptures and as such is distinct from all the philosophical sciences. But this is not to say that it is a scientia about a distinct domain of reality. Neither is its consideration restricted to what is positively revealed in sacred Scripture. According to Thomas, the unity of the scientia of sacred doctrine must be grounded in its formal object, that is, the formality under which it considers reality. 42 Being a scientia, sacred doctrine is not restricted to factual revelation.

4 However, the assumption that the Five Ways belong to a philosophical doctrine of God, preceding the theological exposition of faith, is questionable. At first sight it seems to be fully justified to regard the five arguments as philosophical proofs. Thomas states unambiguously that it can be proved by natural reason that God exists. And natural reason is the ‘instrument’ of the philosophi in their search for truth. The truth that God exists falls therefore within the scope of philosophical (natural) knowledge.

38 These principles, from which the scientia of faith proceeds, are identified by Thomas as the articles of faith, the concise summary of Christian faith, which form the basic truths of sacred doctrine. One may certainly admire the ingenuity with which Thomas argued for sacred doctrine’s status as scientia by means of Aristotle’s notion of subalternation. But is it also a convincing solution? Many think Thomas’ solution to be artificial and, therefore, not really convincing. Sacred doctrine may be regarded as a science, but only from the perspective of God and the saints, not from the perspective of ordinary humans in this life.

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