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By Victor Bryant

Construction from fundamentals and demonstrating the relationships one of the quite a few branches of combinatorics, Victor Bryant provides the implications in an easy means. quite a few examples and workouts together with tricks and options are integrated all through and serve to steer the reader to a few of the deeper result of the topic, lots of that are frequently excluded from introductory texts.

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A. and r- II (> 0) sets from the rest, then the union of these r sets is / \ / \\ / (U Ai) u (B\P) = B\(P\(U Ai)) which by (ii) contains m B IP\ U Ail m m-(n -1) elements. But r - II is the number of copies of B\P chosen from 91* and so it cannot exceed m -n. Hence r -IIIm-n andso m-(n II- ) r. Therefore the r sets from 'A* do contain at least r elements in this case too. It follows from the transversal form of Hall's theorem applied to 91* that the family 91* of m sets has a transversal as shown: 91*= (Ai.

For n > 2 how many of the n'(i) (ii) (iii) (iv) 2 - [H] 1 then [H] trees on vertex-set {1, 2, .. , n} have a vertex of degree n-1? a vertex of degree n - 2? all the vertices of degree 1 or 2? the degree of vertex 1 equal to 1? [A] [H,A] [H,A] [H,A] Show that the proportion of these nn- 2 trees with 61 = 1 tends to 1/e as n tends to infinity. [H] 6. Hydrocarbon molecules consist of carbon atoms (of valency 4) and hydrogen atoms (of valency 1) and they can be illustrated as connected graphs. For example, molecules of butane and 2-methylpropane (isobutane) both contain four carbon atoms and ten hydrogen atoms as shown: 24 Chapter 2 41 0-- 41 40 II I i0 40 40 1 ,I IP 0 These two non-isomorphic structures with the same chemical formula C4 H1 o are examples of isomers.

E. that have no factors larger than I in common), [H] (iii) there exists one which is a multiple of another. [H] 3. Prove that in any n + 1 integers there will be a pair which differs by a multiple of n. [H] 4. Let T be an equilateral triangle of side 1. Show that (i) if five points are placed in T two of them must be distance 2 or less apart, [H] (ii) it is impossible to cover T with three circles each of diameter less than 1//13. [H] 5. Prove that, given any positive integer n, some multiple of it must be of the form 99..

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