O. D. Rode, A. V. Ivanov, M. A. Nazarov, A. Cimbálníková, K.'s Atlas of Photomicrographs of the Surface Structures of Lunar PDF

By O. D. Rode, A. V. Ivanov, M. A. Nazarov, A. Cimbálníková, K. Jurek, V. Hejl, О. Д. à одэ, А. В. Иванов, М. А. Назаров, А. Цимбальникова, К. Юрек, В. Гейл (auth.)

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These new formations are represented on the regolith particle surface mainly by spherical and hemispherical bodies of silicate or metallic (Fe) composition. They are most frequent on the surface of glassy spherules or of silicate coatings produced by impact processes. The origin of minute crystals of metallic iron and silicates, which were discovered in some particles, may be connected with exogenic processes. No mineral crystals bounded by well-defined crystal faces have been found in the material studied.

Their morphology is related to the internal structure of the target and to the projectile velocity. The low-velocity craters on the surfaces of crystalline fragments are distinguished by the following features: The impact pit often lacks a regular rounded shape and shows a slightly hummocky relief; the spall zone is generally discontinuous and of irregular form, which is determined by the rock texture and grain boundaries. The low-velocity craters on isotropic glassy targets show well-developed morphological elements: a saucer-like central pit and well-defined rim and spall zone, which may be adjoined by an exfoliation zone characterized by fractures.

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