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By Clyde Soles

Backpacker's open air Knots offers readers step by step directions for tying the main necessary knots and hitches, splices and lashings for the outside; information at the top form of rope and knot for every job handy; tips on how to thoroughly organize, coil, and keep ropes for sturdiness and reliability. this convenient pocket-sized consultant is ninety six pages, comprises popouts, and comprises colour pictures, charts, and illustrations as wanted through the interior.

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Pass the working end of the rope around the anchor and back through the bight. indd 32 8/30/10 2:38 PM 3. Now tighten the bight so that the working end is pulled through the overhand knot. Presto chango! You now have a bowline solidly attached to the anchor. indd 33 33 8/30/10 2:38 PM Double Bowline Occasionally you may need a bit more security than a standard bowline, but you don’t want to tie a backup knot. As with the double sheet bend, you can increase the holding power a bit by adding an extra loop to the working part of the knot.

Another frequent use for the clove hitch is anchoring to a tree or other fixed object. This can be a fast attachment that is still easy to adjust. 1. Pass the line behind the object. The working end then goes around the standing part of the line. Pass the working end back behind the object and through the bight. indd 52 8/30/10 2:39 PM 2. Tighten the clove hitch by pulling on the standing part of the line.

1. Start by making a bight pointed away from the anchor. 2. Then tie a regular figure-8 loop but only wrap around the line that goes to the anchor. 3. Snug up both the loop and the working end of the rope. indd 43 43 8/30/10 2:39 PM Chapter Four Attaching Knots (Hitches) Girth Hitch The fastest way to attach a loop to a tree, pole, or even another loop is with a girth hitch. This simple knot works well when both strands are equally loaded. However, it tends to slip easily when one strand takes most of the load; use a clove hitch instead.

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