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By Vishal Layka, David Pollak

Beginning Scala, moment Edition takes a down-to-earth method of instructing Scala that leads you thru uncomplicated examples that may be mixed to construct advanced, scalable structures and applications.

This e-book introduces you to the Scala programming language, its object-oriented and sensible programming features, after which publications you thru Scala constructs and libraries that let you gather small parts into high-performance, scalable platforms. you are going to research why Scala is judiciously used for serious company functions by means of top businesses similar to Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, the mum or dad, Morgan Stanley, credits Suisse, UBS, and HSBC.

Scala is a multi-paradigm programming language that mixes either useful and object-oriented beneficial properties. in addition, this hugely scalable language lends itself good to development cloud-based/deliverable software program as a carrier (SaaS) on-line applications.

What you’ll learn

• comprehend the fundamental syntax and mechanisms for writing Scala programs

• examine the object-oriented gains of Scala

• Use Scala's practical programming positive aspects to outline and deal with concurrency

• construct parsers utilizing Scala’s library of parser combinators

• Create and manage XML content material utilizing Scala

• make the most of Scala's general annotations or even create your own

• combine and reuse an present Java codebase

• construct initiatives that include either Scala and Java code and dependencies

• Use Scala libraries and Scala internet frameworks equivalent to Play 2 to construct internet purposes with Scala

Who this booklet is for

This ebook is for all programming fans and for Java builders trying to decrease boilerplate code, enhance workforce functionality, increase inter-team dynamics, and construct extra scalable and strong platforms. additionally, this publication will entice Java builders trying to do cloud-based improvement. finally, Ruby, Python, Groovy and different programmers searching for the next functionality and a stronger language will gain.

Table of Contents

1 : Getting all started with Scala

2 : fundamentals of Scala

3 : OOP in Scala

4: practical programming in Scala

5: trend matching

6: Scala Collections

7: features

8: forms and Implicits

9: Scala and Java Interoperability

10: SBT

11: development internet purposes with Scala

12: DSL

13: Scala most sensible practices

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Sample text

As you can see, Scala generates a title method. You can use this method to access the field. String title(); //..... String); //.... } 35 Chapter 3 ■ Object Orientation in Scala Because the constructor field is defined as a val, the value of the field is immutable by definition. Therefore, Scala generates only the getter method and no setter method. title = "new title" ^ ■■Note In Scala, if the constructor or method takes zero parameters, you can omit the parameter list. Parameter Declared as a var As you might have guessed, if the constructor parameter is declared as a var, Scala generates both accessor and mutator methods.

Based on your mathematical bent, you could choose other geometrical characteristics of shape involving circumference, major or minor axes, and so on. Affording this subjectivity is the corollary of the abstraction, so to speak. Now that we have abstraction in place, let’s discuss the three principles of OOP—encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. We could have a myriad of shapes to subtype the Shape type we pick such as Rectangle and Circle as illustrated in Listing 3-1. Listing 3-1. Pi*radius*radius } Each of these classes takes some arguments and extends Shape, then overrides the method of Shape.

Let’s define a simple class that will be used to describe some aspects of inheritance as illustrated in Listing 3-16. 47 Chapter 3 ■ Object Orientation in Scala Listing 3-16. Vehicle class class Vehicle (speed : Int){ val mph :Int = speed def race() = println("Racing") } The Vehicle class takes one argument, which is the speed of the vehicle. This argument must be passed when creating an instance of class Vehicle, as follows: new Vehicle(100). The class contains one method, called race. Extending Class Extending from a base class in Scala is similar to extending in Java except for two restrictions: method overriding requires the override keyword, and only the primary constructor can pass parameters to the base constructor.

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