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By Bipin Joshi

This ebook teaches you the entire crucial wisdom required to profit and practice time-proven strong ideas of object-oriented layout and significant layout styles in ASP.NET five purposes. you are going to learn how to write server-side in addition to client-side code that uses confirmed practices and styles. stable is an acronym used to explain 5 simple rules of excellent object-oriented layout - unmarried accountability, Open/Closed, Liskov Substitution, Interface Segregation and Dependency Inversion. This ebook covers all 5 ideas and illustrates how they are often utilized in ASP.NET five functions. layout styles are time confirmed strategies to as a rule taking place software program layout difficulties. the main famous catalog of layout styles comes from Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson and John Vlissides, the so-called GoF styles (Gang of 4 patterns). This ebook comprises particular descriptions of the way to use Creational, Structural and Behavioral GoF layout styles besides a few styles of firm program structure.

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A large part of this book discusses GoF patterns in detail. The GoF catalog includes 23 design patterns. The authors have placed these 23 patterns into three categories, namely creational patterns, structural patterns, and behavioral patterns. Each pattern is described with many pieces of information. Some of the important pieces are as follows: • Pattern name and category it belongs to • Intent or purpose of the pattern • Motivation behind using that pattern • Applicability of a pattern • Structure of a pattern, usually expressed as a UML diagram • Participants in a design pattern • Collaborations between the participants • Consequences of using a design pattern in terms of outcome, benefits, and trade-offs • Implementation details about a pattern The next section will discuss the three categories mentioned earlier in more detail.

A class is like container. One can add any amount of data, properties, and methods into it. However, if you try to achieve too much through a single class, soon that class will become bulky. Any small change you need will result in your changing this single class. And since you changed the class, you will also need to test it again. If you follow SRP, your classes will become compact and neat—each is responsible for a single problem, task, or concern. This way a change in the system requires a change in the corresponding class, and only that class needs to be tested again.

The WashingMachine and VacuumCleaner classes bear an “is-a” relationship with the Machine class. The Machine class, the WashingMachine class, and the VacuumCleaner class have a Start() method. But each Start() implementation would be different for obvious reasons. Thus the same method—Start()—has multiple forms. Polymorphism comes in different flavors, such as operator overloading, method overloading, polymorphism via inheritance, and polymorphism via interfaces. Our main interest is in the last two flavors.

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