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However, it must be remembered that the precise planarity of the peptide bond has been assumed and may account for this slight discrepancy. The second, and essentially equally favorable, conformation of the diglycine pair occurs broadly in the region of Fig. 32 labeled 2. 1 kcal above the absolute minimum. Thisfigureis certainly within the bounds of the accuracy of calculation. Very little energy is expended in changes from φ = 0°, φ = 360° to 0 = 110°, φ = 340°. 1 Â. Similarly the corresponding optical isomer with φ = 257°, φ = 17° is the right-hand 3i helix.

N. ) O 3 S' 3 * Potential Energy Maps 47 have an a or pGII structure, with the other conformations being somewhat less likely. , and pGII structures can all enter into efficient hydrogen-bonding schemes that have a modifying effect on the ranking of the energy minima. The a helix forms intra-molecular hydrogen bonds, and we must therefore suppose that an isolated strand of poly glycine in vacuum would most likely take on such a conformation. In the solid state, a helices do not hydrogen bond with their neighbors and the intermolecular bonding is probably fairly weak.

P. 761. Freeman, San Francisco, California, 1967. B, A. R. Abe, R. L. Jernigan, and P. J. Flory, /. Amer. Chem. Soc. 88, 631 (1966). C, R. Pauncz and D. Ginsburg, Tetrahedron 9, 40 (1960). D, R. L. McCullough and P. E. McMahon, /. Phys. Chem. 69, 1747 (1965). E, N. P. Borisova and M. V. Volkenstein, Zh. Strukt. Khim. 2, 346 (1961). F, D. A. Dows, /. Chem. Phys. 35, 282 (1961). G, J. O. Hirschfelder and J. W. Linnett, / . Chem. Phys. 18, 130 (1950); P. DeSantis, E. Giglio, A. M. Liquori, and A.

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