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1 lp#4 Part I ■ DOS Topics Responsible Overloading O ne of the things that differentiates C from C++ is function and operator overloading. Overloading is the capability to create several versions of a function or operator, each version of which has an identical name but requires different arguments. For example, in C++, you can have two functions named Sum(), one that adds integers and another that adds floating-point numbers. When you call Sum() in a program, the compiler can determine which function you mean by checking the function’s parameters.

First, how should you represent the string? There are two approaches you can take: a standard character array or dynamically allocated memory. Both approaches have strong and weak points. For example, the character-array approach is the simplest, enabling you to use C++’s array-handling capabilities without having to worry about the details of memory allocation. On the other hand, using a character array is the least flexible of the choices, because you must choose a maximum string size and stick with it.

The solution? Default arguments also enable you to call functions with different parameters, but without resorting to overloading. For example, consider the following overloaded function: int Example(int x); int Example(int x, int y); Because of overloading, you can call the function Example() with one or two integer arguments: Example(1); Example(1,2); This adds much to the function’s flexibility. However, do you really need two copies of the function to get this flexibility? Not really. 1 lp#4 Chapter 1 ■ C++ Style Considerations This new function retains the flexibility of the overloaded function, but without the extra baggage.

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