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Same. Registration shoot. or trial Same. Same. Same. (See fig. 1, p. ) Same. Same. Same. Same. Same. No equivalent. U. S. TE~RMS AND BRITISHI EQUIVALENTS. -Any march in which the march capacity of foot and mounted troops is increased by increasing the number of marching hours per day rather than by increasing the hourly rate of march. -The arrangement of the subdivisions of a command so that all elements are placed in order in line, in column, in echelon, or in any other designated disposition.

Leapfrogging. Same. Same. Same. Same. Report line. Same. 47 U. S. -Aerial (or air) photographs accomplished for the purpose of constructing a map or map substitute. -Allmilitary aerial (or air) photography accomplished for other than mapping purposes. -An aerial (or air) photograph upon which information commonly found on maps has been placed, including, at least, a scale and a directional arrow. -A detachment of an outpost sent out to perform the duties of an outguard at a critical point, the detachment being stronger than an ordinary outguard and establishing sentinel posts of its own.

Same or signal or despatch. Signal office. Crest. -A government established by the land or naval forces in enemy territory or in domestic territory recovered from rebels treated as belligerents. -Information, gathered from any source, which may serve to throw light on the enemy or the theater of operations. -Evaluated and interpreted information concerning a possible or actual enemy, or theater of operations, together with the conclusions drawn therefrom. -A class of troops charged with the enforcement of all police regulations in the theater of operations and in other places occupied by troops.

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