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By Greg M. Perry

Makes use of examples, workouts, brief chapters, and plenty of marginal illustrations and motives to teach people with little or a lot programming event the right way to function the newest model of C++. unique.

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To declare a variable, you must understand the possible characteristics, which follow. ♦ Each variable has a name. ♦ Each variable has a type. ♦ Each variable holds a value that you put there, by assigning it to that variable. The following sections explain each of these characteristics in detail. Naming Variables Because you can have many variables in a single program, you must assign names to them to keep track of them. Variable names are unique, just as house addresses are unique. If two variables have the same name, C++ would not know to which you referred when you request one of them.

Suppose you want to write a C++ program that produces a fancy boxed title containing your name with flashing dots around it (like a marquee). The C++ code to do this might be difficult to understand. Before such code, you might want to insert the following comment so others can understand the code later: // The following few lines draw a fancy box around // a name, then display flashing dots around the // name like a Hollywood movie marquee. 59 Chapter 3 ♦ Your First C++ Program This would not tell C++ to do anything because a comment is not a command, but it would make the next few lines of code more understandable to you and others.

Initialize the integer variable ctr to 0. Define the character array fname to hold 20 elements. Print to the screen What is your first name?. Accept a string from the keyboard. Process a loop while the variable ctr is less than five. Print the string accepted from the keyboard. Increment the variable ctr by 1. Print to the screen the character code that sounds the beep. Return to the operating system. CPP // Requests a name, prints the name five times, and rings a bell. h> main() { const char BELL=’\a’; // Constant that rings the bell int ctr=0; // Integer variable to count through loop char fname[20]; // Define character array to hold name cout << “What is your first name?

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