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By Nishant Sivakumar

C++ is the language of selection for millions of functions and thousands of strains of code. With C++/CLI, builders can combine current C++ code into the .NET platform with no rewriting their functions. This booklet explores the C++/CLI syntax, teaches tips to combine local C++ and controlled .NET code, and indicates how you can combine C++ with home windows kinds, WPF (Avalon), and WCF (Indigo).Imagine taking a C++-based application you have been utilizing for a decade and giving it a snazzy new interface utilizing home windows Presentation origin. How approximately making your previous enterprise functions check with your new ones utilizing home windows verbal exchange starting place. C++/CLI makes this - and extra - attainable. C++/CLI in motion indicates you the way to bridge the space among your current C++ code and the .NET platform.

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Ctor() Just as with standard C++, if you have a constructor—either a default constructor or one that takes one or more arguments—the compiler won’t generate a default constructor for you. In addition to instance constructors, ref classes also support static constructors (not available in standard C++). A static constructor, if present, initializes the static members of a class. Static constructors can’t have parameters, must also be private, and are automatically called by the CLR. cctor. One possible reason both special methods have a .

The nullptr implicitly converts to a pointer or handle type; for the pointer, it evaluates to 0, as dictated by standard C++; for the handle, it evaluates to a null reference. You can use the nullptr in relational, equality, and assignment expressions with both pointers and handles. As I mentioned earlier, using gcnew to instantiate a value type object generates MSIL that is different from what is generated when you instantiate a ref type. For example, consider the following code, which uses gcnew to instantiate a value type: value class Marks { public: int Math; int Physics; int Chemistry; }; //...

Don’t worry about it, though. Once you’ve seen how managed objects work with constructors and assignment operators, the differences between instantiating managed and native objects will automatically become clear. 1 The gcnew operator The gcnew operator is used to instantiate CLI objects. It returns a handle to the newly created object on the CLR heap. Although it’s similar to the new operator, there are some important differences: gcnew has neither an array form nor a placement form, and it can’t be overloaded either globally or specifically to a class.

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