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More complex cases will be examined later in the book after we have discussed other data types and classes. 6 Write expressions for the following: • To test if a number n is even. • To test if a character c is a digit. • To test if a character c is a letter. • To do the test: n is odd and positive or n is even and negative. • To set the n-th bit of a long integer f to 1. • To reset the n-th bit of a long integer f to 0. • To give the absolute value of a number n. • To give the number of characters in a null-terminated string literal s.

Like the continue statement, a break statement only applies to the loop or switch immediately enclosing it. It is an error to use the break statement outside a loop or a switch. \n"; } Here we have assumed that there is a function called Verify which checks a password and returns true if it is correct, and false otherwise. \n"; } The break version is arguably simpler and therefore preferred. ¨ 42 C++ Essentials Copyright © 2005 PragSoft The goto Statement The goto statement provides the lowest-level of jumping.

Thus the body of a function represents a local scope. The parameters of a function have the same scope as the function body. Variables defined within a local scope are visible to that scope only. Hence, a variable need only be unique within its own scope. Local scopes may be nested, in which case the inner scopes override the outer scopes. For example, in int xyz; void Foo (int xyz) { if (xyz > 0) { double xyz; //... } } // xyz is global // xyz is local to the body of Foo // xyz is local to this block there are three distinct scopes, each containing a distinct xyz.

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