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By Peter van der Linden

This booklet is for the a professional C programmer, it is a moment publication that offers the C programmers complicated information and tips. This ebook may help the C programmer achieve new heights as a qualified. prepared to make it effortless for the reader to test to sections that are suitable to their fast wishes.

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When you paintings in any respect with Internet-facing options, you recognize that the shortcoming of an identification metasystem is a serious vulnerability within the layout. a number of consortiums have labored to outline a process of id - a platform-agnostic manner of speaking and validating claims of id. in case you paintings with identification recommendations or buildings, you'll find starting info playing cards and CardSpace: From beginner to specialist necessary to figuring out and effectively imposing CardSpace strategies.

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After some urgent testing, we found that mail was indeed falling into the void when an addressee had an "f" as the second character of the username! Thus, mail would go to Fred and Muffy, but not to Effie. An examination of the source code quickly located the trouble. Many people are surprised to learn that ANSI C mandates the argc, argv convention of passing arguments to a C program, but it does. The UNIX convention has been elevated to the level of a standard, and it was partly to blame for the mail bug here.

The problem is made worse by the fact that you can't nest function definitions inside other functions, as you can in Pascal. So a collection of "internal" functions for one big function have to be outside it. Nobody remembers to make them static, so they're globally visible by default. The Ada and Modula-2 languages both address this problem in a man-ageable way by having program units specify exactly what symbols they are exporting and what they are importing. Sins of Mission The "sins of mission" category covers things in C that just seem misdirected, or a bad fit to the language.

The case involving the comma occasionally causes conniption fits in programmers, though. For example, when this line is executed: i=1,2; what value does i end up with? Well, we know that the value of a comma operator is the value of the rightmost operand. But here, assignment has higher precedence, so you actually get: (i=1), 2; /* i gets the value 1 */ i gets the value 1; then the literal 2 is evaluated and thrown away. i ends up being one, not two. In a posting on Usenet some years ago, Dennis Ritchie explained how some of these anomalies are historical accidents.

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