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Wax, which is too high in temperature, will result in undue shrinkage of the wax pattern. Place the rubber mold between two metal plates. Place the sprue opening over the wax discharge nozzle of the wax Injector. Next apply pressure to the piston rod with the finger. A gentle pressure is sufficient to force molten wax into the rubber mold cavity, and when full remove the finger pressure and lift the rubber mold away. While still applying pressure with the fingers to the metal plates, turn the rubber mold so the sprue opening face up.

The kiln is built around a group of molds (or one large one) and encloses them completely. The molds are placed upside down, that is, with the sprue cup pointing down (except for those having a bottom opening as mentioned), so that the wax of the model can drain out easily as the kiln is heated and run into a metal trough; this leads it to a pan placed outside the kiln. The purpose of the burnout is to remove all traces of wax in the mold, to eliminate gradually the chemical moisture in the investment material (which might otherwise cause a porous casting), and to bring the temperature of the investment up to the proper degree to receive 42 CASTING METAL PARTS the molten metal.

After the flask has been dipped, iron out with the index finger any air bubbles under the asbestos. Set the flask aside and permit any excess water to drain. Place the asbestos lined flask over the spruced pattern. Center it with relation to the wax pattern. The flask can be held in place with a small quantity of sticky wax around the bottom at the junction of the flask and base. The supporting flask can then be safely tilted as the investment slurry is poured into the side of the flask. The slurry should be almost level with the top.

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