Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Unauthorized Secrets & by Bart Farkas PDF

By Bart Farkas

The traditional conflict of excellent and evil becons . . .

Castlevania, the citadel of Dracula, has mysteriously reappeared. Now Alucard needs to discover it and smash the evil that awaits him. yet first . . . input Castlevania: Symphony of the Night–Unauthorized secrets and techniques & ideas and discover:

• entire walkthroughs
• Maps of each level
• mystery parts revealed
• tips on how to entire 2 hundred% of the game
• And extra!

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If you die, your girlfriend runs in, shouts something (probably profound), and brings you back to life with full invincibility. Then you can finish off the Drac-man and move on to the real game. Prologue Note The hearts aren’t shown in your status bar in the prologue, but they still function normally, and secondary weapons consume them. Also, the Start Key won’t bring up your menu. 23 Chapter 4 The Entry Hall Castlevania: Symphony of the Night—Unauthorized Secrets and Solutions MONSTERS ON THIS LEVEL (FIRST VISIT) Bat Zombie Merman Warg Bone Scimitar Merman MONSTERS ON THIS LEVEL (SUBSEQUENT VISITS) Blood Skeleton Bat Zombie Merman Bloody Zombie Owl Owl Knight Blade Gurkha 26 Chapter 4: The Entry Hall PATH TO VICTORY You enter the castle as Alucard, fully armed and ready to kick some serious butt.

5-1. A goody awaits you in the Globe beyond the spikes. 32 Jump back up to the switch and kill the Blood Skeleton. He’ll revive in about five seconds, and, in fact, he’ll come back to life every time you kill him, so don’t waste your time. Jump up on the platform to the right and then up to the left. Hop, skip, or jump over the spikes and step on the switch beyond to lower the spikes. Walk left and you’ll see a Blue Torch, hack it. Proceed left and jump up to the platforms. Chapter 5: The Alchemy Lab At the top, the area above your head can only be reached when you can fly; it leads to a room containing a collection of secondary weapons (the “Cache”) in glass tanks.

Now trek left and climb the stairs to the top of the room. Jump on the dresser and then into the room above. Return to the landing and go down. As the passage narrows, drop down to a pointed Toadstool (it’s poisonous). Go right to a junction running down, up, or right. Go right to the Save Station. Then return to the junction. Fig. 9-2. Descend the tower to this landing. Then go left. Fig. 9-3. A Save Station lies to the right. Back at the junction, chug down to the bottom and enter a room that has doors on both sides.

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