Christopher Columbus: Explorer of the New World by Sue Etherington PDF

By Sue Etherington

Jam-packed with first-hand debts, this publication is an eyewitness advisor to Columbus's voyages of explorations. images, story-telling, pull-out info and a gatefold landscape carry his trips to existence.

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Columbus was horrified to learn that they were all dead, and that their fort had been destroyed. The local Tainos said that they were not to blame, but Columbus could no longer trust them. He sailed east, to found a new settlement. FATE OF NAVIDAD The Tainos told Columbus that the men of Navidad had quarrelled among themselves, splitting into rival groups. Some were killed by fellow Spaniards, while others died of disease. But most died when a powerful cacique (king), called Caonabo, attacked their fort and burned it to the ground.

The Americas and the Pacific Ocean stood in the way. Compare this with the world map on pages 6–7, made only about 60 years earlier. It is much more like the maps you can find in modern atlases. The greatest navigational problem was finding a ship’s longitude (east–west position). The solution was the chronometer – a clock that kept accurate time on long voyages. The navigator compared local time, worked out from the height of the Sun, with the time back home, shown on the clock. The difference told him how far the ship had sailed east or west.

Caonabo led a surprise attack at night. Cannibal islands On the way to Hispaniola, Columbus visited the islands of the fierce Caribs, who gave their name to the Caribbean and to the word “cannibal”. Historians still argue over whether they really ate human flesh. Columbus was sure that they did: in their houses, he saw human limbs in cooking pots and captive Tainos who were being fattened up. THE SECOND VOYAGE CU 27 November 1483 2 January 1494 A T Columbus hears LA Columbus of the fate of N T founds Isabela.

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