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By Luke VanderHart

With greater than a hundred and fifty specific recipes, this cookbook indicates skilled Clojure builders easy methods to remedy various programming initiatives with this JVM language. The suggestions hide every thing from development dynamic web pages and dealing with databases to community verbal exchange, cloud computing, and complex trying out suggestions. And greater than 60 of the world’s top Clojurians contributed recipes.
Each recipe comprises code that you should use immediately, besides a dialogue on how and why the answer works, so that you can adapt those styles, techniques, and strategies to occasions now not particularly lined during this cookbook.
Master integrated primitive and composite information structures
Create, boost and post libraries, utilizing the Leiningen tool
Interact with the neighborhood computing device that’s operating your application
Manage community communique protocols and libraries
Use thoughts for connecting to and utilizing a number of databases
Build and continue dynamic web pages, utilizing the hoop HTTP server library
Tackle program initiatives corresponding to packaging, dispensing, profiling, and logging
Take on cloud computing and heavyweight allotted info crunching
Dive into unit, integration, simulation, and property-based testing
Clojure Cookbook is a collaborative venture with contributions from a number of the world’s top Clojurians, whose backgrounds variety from aerospace to social media, banking to robotics, AI learn to e-commerce.

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Core :as t]) (tf/unparse (tf/formatters :date) (t/now)) ;; -> "2013-04-06" (def my-format (tf/formatter "MMM d, yyyy 'at' hh:mm")) (tf/unparse my-format (t/now)) ;; -> "Apr 6, 2013 at 04:54" Discussion It is certainly possible to format pure Java dates and times; however, in our experience, it isn’t worth the hassle—the syntax is ugly, and the workflow is verbose. clj-time and its backing library JodaTime have a track record for making it easy to work with dates and times on the JVM. The formatter function is quite the gem.

The compare function takes two arguments and returns a number indicating that the first argument was either less than (-1), equal to (0), or greater than (+1) the second argument. 123-00:00") If you’ve been doing more complex work with dates and times and have Joda-Time objects in hand, then all of this still applies. coerce. 30. Calculating the Length of a Time Interval by Ryan Neufeld Problem You need to calculate the difference between two points in time. Solution Since Java date and time classes have poor support for time zones and leap years, use the clj-time library for calculating the length of a time interval.

UUID. 25. Obtaining the Current Date and Time by Ryan Neufeld Problem You need to obtain the current date or time. 740-00:00" ;; A few seconds later... 234-00:00" If you’re more interested in the current Unix timestamp, use System/currentTimeMillis: (System/currentTimeMillis) ;; -> 1365260110635 (System/currentTimeMillis) ;; -> 1365260157013 Discussion It doesn’t make much sense for Clojure to reimplement or wrap the JVM’s backing time and date functionality. 234-00:00" doesn’t look very much like Java, does it?

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