Combinatorial Search Problems: Lectures held at the by Gyula Katona PDF

By Gyula Katona

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5) n , that is the test "element by element" is the best possible. On the other hand, if q 1 < ? +5J)then there is a better strategy satis- fying L = n • Similarly, Kumar (1970) gives a good strategy, which Good, mediocre, defective elements 39 is a generalization of Sobel (1960) and Sobel-Groll (1959). 29) gives L ==n, = -1 z and this is a lower bound for these cases. The strategy "element by element" is the best one. (A/)) ... ) ... These problems are not considered in the literature. Sobel (1960) is the only author that points out that his strategy is alphabetical in the sense that the testing subsets are "intervals" in the ordered set {x1' ...

Y. (1968): Questionnaire, codage et tris, Institute Blaise Pascal, Paris. (1970): Optimisation des questionnaires avec contrain te de rang. Z. : On the Enumeration of PseudoSearch Codes. (submitted to Studia Sci. Math. A. (1959): The Method of Paired Comparisons, Hafner Publ. , New York. I. (1969): On a Problem Concerning Separating Systems of a Finite Set. J. Combinatorial Theory, 191- 196. z, DORFMAN, R. (1943): The Detection of Defective Members of Large Populations. Ann. Math. , 14, 436-440.

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