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By Richard P. Stanley

Some impressive connections among commutative algebra and combinatorics were stumbled on in recent times. This ebook offers an summary of 2 of the most subject matters during this zone. the 1st matters the ideas of linear equations in nonnegative integers. functions are given to the enumeration of integer stochastic matrices (or magic squares), the amount of polytopes, combinatorial reciprocity theorems, and comparable effects. the second one subject offers with the face ring of a simplicial advanced, and incorporates a evidence of the higher sure Conjecture for Spheres. An introductory bankruptcy giving historical past info in algebra, combinatorics and topology broadens entry to this fabric for non-specialists.

New to this version is a bankruptcy surveying more moderen paintings relating to face earrings, targeting purposes to f-vectors.

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R/t e n{M). Then M = ]\\=i r]xk[9] if and only 2/771,772, •••, 77^ is a k-basis for M/9M. ) Returning to our ring R

is Cohen-Macaulay. 12 Corollary. E^nWy = ^ ^ - ^ ^ l ^ P(A)GN[A]. 12 is that the polynomial P(A) has nonnegative coefficients. The corollary follows since permutation matrices have degree one. It is an open problem to compute P(X) or even F ( l ) in a simple way.

Also, if a = 0 then Tp = 0 <=> supp_/9 = s u p p P (there is a simple geometric proof for this). In particular, if there exists 7 G F $ such that 7 > 0, then for 0 £ E^ iTp = 0 -4=> /? < 0 (strict inequality in all coordinates). Hence, for a = 0 there is the following "reciprocity" result (when F ^ H P " 7*^ 0): R^ is spanned by nonnegative solutions to $/? = 0, and H^{R^) is spanned by strictly negative solutions to $/? = 0. <^-module structure given by \ for 7 € £;»,x^ € W(M*,c). 0, otherwise, 7.

If A # {0}, then H,(A; >l) = 0 for g < 0. If A = {0}, then H,({0},A)^{^' ^- ^ In particular, x({0}) = —1. 3 Proposition. If A ^ {0} or 0, then HQ{A\ A) is a free A-module whose rank is one less than the number of connected components of A. 3. Topology 21 We now wish to define the homology groups of a space X, rather than a simpUcial complex A. Let A' be a nonempty topological space. Let A^ denote the standard g-dimensional ordered geometric simplex {po, ^. ^ ,Pq) whose vertices p^ are the unit coordinate vectors in R^'^^.

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