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By Claude Berge (auth.), Siddani Bhaskara Rao (eds.)

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14) is just a homogenizing variable. (r-s)! Sr, s (A) x n-r X s p r-s ... (15) r=O s=0 This follows by an obvious substitution in (14). 's lJ and S r,s (6) give the interrelations between 's. Thus, from (14) we have n i n-i xj . n r r,s(X_p)n-r(~_p)s ~ c x pz-j = ~ ~ (r-s)~ S r=O s=O i=0 j=O uj -- nr z__ z (r-s): (nrn~r) s r 0 s=O r,s P r-s x1(_p)n r i ) i=O { j ! O ( ~ ) x j ( _ p ) s - j pr-s> Therefore en_i, j = n-i r (n-r) ~ (_l)n-i-j-(r-s)s ~ Z (r-s)! ( ) r=O s=j i r,s or, el, j = i (-i) i-j 2 r=O r ~ ( r - s ) .

If i P2's The status of the converse of this theorem is not very clear. 9. CONCLUSION We have introduced five different graph polynomials the P,Q,T,R and nomials and conjectured that any of these is a complete graph invariant. blished the equivalence of the first three in Theorems 1 and 4. the implications F + R + T in the sense that The converse implications are not clear. R F poly- We have esta- We have also establishec is derivable from F and T from R. Thus, as things stand, the permanent conjecture (the first invariant conjecture) may be false even if the frame conjecture is true.

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