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By Alberto Corso, Philippe Gimenez, Maria Vaz Pinto, Santiago Zarzuela

Corso (mathematics, college of Kentucky) collects refereed learn papers on advancements on the interface of commutative algebra and algebraic geometry. Blowup algebras, Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity, essential closure and normality, Koszul homology, liaison concept, and discount rates of beliefs are the various subject matters featured within the fifteen unique study articles integrated the following. Survey articles on themes of present curiosity research Poincaré sequence of singularities, uniform Artin-Rees theorems, and Gorenstein earrings. such a lot fabric used to be provided at June 2003 conferences held in Spain and Portugal. there is not any topic index.

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X1 z2d−1 z2d , ) + Sq3 (z) x2 z2 z3 , x2 z4 z5 , . . , x2 z2d z1 where Sq3 (z) denotes the square-free cube of (z1 , . . , the ideal generated by the square-free monomials of degree 3 in the z’s. We conjecture that reg(J k ) = 3k for k < d and reg(J d ) > 3d. 6. 1. 8 Let 1 < a < b be integers. Define the ideal I = (y2 zb1 , y2 zb2 , xz1b−1 z2 ) + z1b−a(y1 za1 , y1 za2 , xz1a−1 z2 ) + z1 z2 (z1 , z2 )b−1 of the polynomial ring K[x, y1 , y2 , z1 , z2 ]. We expect that reg(I) = b + 1 and reg(I k ) − reg(I k−1 ) > (b + 1) if k = a or k = b.

This concludes the proof. 5 For every integer d > 1 the monomials m1 = zd1 , m2 = zd2 , m3 = zd−1 1 z2 are pseudo-linear of order (d − 1) with respect to the map φ : {t1 ,t2 ,t3 } → {x1 , x2 } defined by φ(t1 ) = x1 , φ(t2 ) = x1 , φ(t3 ) = x2 . Proof: It is easy to see that the defining ideal H of the Rees algebra of W = (m1 , m2 , m3 ) is generated by (3) z2t1 − z1t3 d−1 (4) zd−1 1 t2 − z2 t3 (5) t1d−1t2 − t3d . Regularity jumps for powers of ideals 29 Let 1 ≤ b ≤ a ≤ d − 1 and F = MA − NB a binomial of bidegree ((a − b)(d + 1), b) in H such that φ(A) > φ(B) in the lex-order.

It follows from localization that ann(H1 ) ⊂ I. Moreover, for any R-ideal I minimally presented by a matrix ϕ we also show that ann(H1 ) ⊂ I : I1 (ϕ), where I1 (ϕ) is the ideal generated by the entries of ϕ. Things get sharper when one focuses on the annihilator of the first Koszul homology modules of classes of ideals with good structural properties. We conclude the section with a result of Ulrich about the annihilator of the last non-vanishing Koszul homology module. 1 The first Koszul homology module Our first theorem is a general result about annihilators of Koszul homology.

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