New PDF release: Concise Dictionary of Social and Cultural Anthropology

By Mike Morris

Useful and available, this dictionary is designed to enlighten these newly engaged in anthropological learn or looking a short consultant to the sphere.

  • Fills a necessity for a beginner’s pocket advisor to the far-reaching and intricate box of anthropology, together with over 800 distinctive entries and the highbrow historical past of terms
  • Written in undeniable, jargon-free language, for readers with out vast historical past within the field
  • Features short, conceptual definitions of phrases, bibliographical references to anthropological classics, similar works for history analyzing and additional research
  • The effortless layout contains daring phrases featured in different places within the e-book, vast cross-references, and indexes of names, peoples, locations and subjects
  • Incorporates similar terminology from allied fields equivalent to sociology, economics and geography

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Carrying capacity. In ecology, the maximum population (human, animal, or plant) that can be borne sustainably, given the resources of a particular area. case study. A method in social sciences that focuses on a single example of a phenomenon (or compares a small number of examples). Good for the detailed assessment of a subject and for testing hypotheses and approaches that can later be applied to larger groups. A disadvantage is that results may not be generalizable. cash crops. Agricultural products grown for sale to outsiders, rather than for subsistence.

Much work recently has been concerned not with economic anthropology but with the consequences that ensue when a society comes to capitalism after using other systems (often, following the collapse of state-run socialism); other topics include the rise of corporations, globalization, and economic transnationalism. Further reading: Polanyi (2001); Hann & Hart (2009). cargo cult. A form of millenarianism—belief in a future golden age— usually in melanesia, characterized by a belief that goods will come to one via ritual.

Arguments about “appropriate” dress have long been a staple of gender relations, particularly assumptions about women’s ethics (compare honor). See also textiles. Further reading: Banerjee & Miller (2003); Bowen (2007); Eicher et al. (2008). CM. See cultural materialism. CMA. See critical medical anthropology. CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique). php) that conducts research in areas including anthropology. See also french anthropology. code. A set of signs operating within stated or implicit rules by which a culture communicates meaning.

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