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The first S node dominating the dislocated constituent must also dominate the node dominating the gap. Peters and Ritchie also assume that link children may only occur in certain designated positions, which they refer to as 'dislocated positions'. Furthermore, every node in one of these dislocated positions must be a link child. Which positions are to be designated as dislocated positions must be stated for each language or language type, although there will presumably be a relatively small number of distinguished positions.

Rules introducing slashed categories are called linking rules. (10) S a ---'? S/a Slashed categories may be eliminated by a schema as in (11) which introduces a designated terminal t, the empty string.? (11) a/a ---'? t An instance of this schema would be NP/NP, dominating a gap. In this case, t, would be translated by a designated variable h of the appropriate type to translate NPs. We will write this as h(NP}. (10) and (11) in conjunction ensure that a sentence-initial constituent will always be matched with a gap of the appropriate type somewhere in the sentence.

In this respect, PLG has an advantage over the syntactic theory proposed by R. Cooper. Recall that Cooper freely generates trees with gaps by allowing for zero lexical insertion (cf. (42) above). He puts restrictions on the semantic interpretation rules to the effect that only structures where the number of fillers and gaps match can be interpreted. But it doesn't seem appropriate to extend the semantic restriction on interpretable structures to also handle the facts illustrated in (52) and (53).

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