Critical Political Economy: Complexity, Rationality, and the by Christian Arnsperger PDF

By Christian Arnsperger

This ebook asks how a extra freeing economics will be built and taught. It means that if economists at the present time are eager about emancipation and empowerment, they're going to need to seriously change their perception approximately what it skill for a citizen to behave rationally in a fancy society.

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Introduction 5 Critical Political Economy is, therefore, not itself an alternative economic worldview. It is not one more heterodox theory or, for that matter, one more version of a revised orthodox approach. Critical Political Economy aims at providing the conceptual toolbox that would allow any student, any citizen, any economist, to fight off misguided attempts at consolidating the incumbent orthodoxy or at replacing it with a new, formerly heterodox one. , at ‘‘right thinking’’ about the economy, will be unmasked as one more partial program of political and anthropological construction.

Ultimately, then, one may ask on what grounds mainstream economics is being taught to economics students. The book will explore some of the reasons and offer some alternative ways of fitting mainstream economics into a post-orthodox, pluralistic conception of the teaching of economics. In this sense, what is being offered here is an attempt to ground, to offer foundations for, certain already circulating arguments in favor of methodological pluralism in economics—foundations that can be seen to flow from a 10 Introduction consistent application of the ontology of social complexity contained in today’s cutting-edge mainstream economics.

Although conceptually outdated on various counts, standard neoclassical economics is still heuristically influential. It is therefore important to suggest that it has today become an intellectual obstacle to further social emancipation. Thus, the rationale for this first chapter is twofold. First, it will allow us to sweep the floor clean of very basic misunderstandings about economics and emancipation. Such misunderstandings can be addressed already within 24 Uncritical complexity the simple analytical framework of the pre-complexity mainstream.

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