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By William W. Wells

This booklet, "Cyclitols and phosphoinositides", by means of Wells, William W., 1927-,Eisenberg, Frank,Kellogg heart for carrying on with schooling, is a replication of a ebook initially released prior to 1978. it's been restored by means of humans, web page by means of web page, so you may well get pleasure from it in a sort as as regards to the unique as attainable. This ebook was once created utilizing print-on-demand expertise. thanks for aiding vintage literature.

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I do not know which peak we are standing on. Indole-3-acetic acid is a plant growth hormone. Among its many effects is to make the cell wall of a plant softer so the plant can increase in size (cf. 1 ) . On the left is myo-inositol, the peak this symposium I hope is standing on. myo-inositol is a precursor of some of the oligomeric components of cell walls (this symposium). I wish I could tell you that our data speak to new and specific metabolic functions of myo-inositol but possibly plants have been promiscuous and any old hydroxyl will do.

2000l· 1 2 3 Time of incubation (hr) Fig. 7. Time course of enzymatic synthesis of esters. Reproduced from (18) by permission of Plant IAA-inositol Physiology. 47 R. S. Bandurski Table III shows that the reaction required IAA, inositol (or glucose), CoASH and ATP. We thus believe that esterification of IAA by myo-inositol involves the intermediate formation of CoAS-IAA. Since the enzyme was not purified we do not know whether glucose and inositol are both acylated by the same enzyme. More recently Ms.

J. Bot. 28, 596-607. 4. B. , (1965) Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm. 20, 641-646. 5. Piskornik, Z. , (1972) 50, 176-182. 6. Ehmann, A. , (1972) J. 7. L. , 10, 2207-2209. 8. , Ehmann, A. , Physiol. 46, Plant Physiol. Chrom. 72, 61-70. (1971) Phytochem. (1970) Plant 715-719. 9. Ueda, M. , (1974) Phytochem. 13, 243-253. 10. , Harten, J. and Sweeley, C . C , (1975) in "Mass Spectrometry of Indoles and TrimethylsilylIndole Derivatives" p. 215. Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan. 11. Ehmann, A.

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