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A typical sight round the extra northerly beaches of the British Isles, the typical Eider is the most important duck within the northern hemisphere. The eider is especially good tailored to cold-water environments; the insulating houses of eider down are iconic. The species is taxonomically attention-grabbing, with a number well-marked subspecies reflecting the styles of ice assurance in the course of old glaciations, and those geese have additionally supplied the focal point for a couple of vital behavioural reviews, in particular on feeding ecology and effort budgets.

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She had had to hide her amusement in the wards so often it had become second nature to her to look cool and remote. The blonde delicacy of her looks had helped. In her uniform she looked as if she never smiled in her life. Her dedication to her career had left little time for romance. When she staggered off duty she was often so tired that a warm bath and an early night was more appealing than a date with a member of the opposite sex. 'The only use I have for a bed tonight is to sleep in it,' she had once told one of the young doctors, shutting him out of her flat with a firm smile.

His eyes flashed angrily over them, his face bearing dark red betrayal of temper, and Laura watched coolly as his straight black brows drew together as he realised that his meeting with his family had been observed by strangers. Mrs Grey waved a hand towards Laura and Henry. ' Domenicos Aegethos repeated that in a curt tone. He flicked his eyes over Laura and looked back at his mother. 'Europe? When is this? ' 'Well—' hesitated his mother. 'I got the boot,' Amanda said bluntly. He swung his black head back towards her with a dangerous expression on his face.

Oh, no, she thought, not again! ' Henry sounded anxious. 'Fine,' she lied, because she was sick of admitting how ill she sometimes felt. For years she had worked all the hours God sent without doing more than complain occasionally: 'I'm getting out of this job. ' But she had gone on working, stumbling from the wards half blind with fatigue, her head aching, her limbs cramped, too weary to do more than fall into bed and sleep like one of the dead. Now it had all caught up with her, and she hated the helpless weakness of her own body.

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