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By Dennis Smith, Charles A. Lehman

This easy-to-read guide presents the reader with the fundamental survival talents essential to care for emergencies within the wasteland. the writer makes use of numerous situations to demonstrate survival recommendations. Lehman additionally stresses the significance of contemplating ''what if'' to arrange for capability emergency events.

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Each day we make decisions on how to use our time, spend our money, please our boss—or family— or friends. " The list is constantly changing. On Monday morning, excelling on the job or in class or trying some great new recipe may be right up there near the top. By Friday noon that spot is probably occupied by planning or dreaming of some weekend activity. Survival is no different from everyday life. It's still a matter of setting priorities—but the stakes are higher, and the feedback is quicker.

A lot of people get into trouble because they wear themselves down or use up their reserves just getting to their jumping off point. Driving all night, drinking only coffee (or, worse yet, alcohol), skipping breakfast, or launching a tough trip when you are simply out of shape is inviting trouble. Let Them Find You Strange as it may seem, there is a good chance you are going to have a tendency to avoid your rescuers. That is one of the problems facing search teams everywhere. It seems to be some sort of ego reaction.

Other light colors also offer good protection, but white clothes have the added advantage of making you easier for searchers to spot if you should get hurt and are unable to signal. Be sure to include a wide-brimmed hat to protect your head and neck. Straw hats are coolest in the hot sun, yet do a fair job of keeping your head warm on cold nights. A large neckerchief is valuable to hang down your neck, French Foreign Legion style, to give even more protection. Make it a bright colored one and you have a fine signal as well (See Chapter 5).

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