Samuel Willard Crompton's Desiderius Erasmus (Spiritual Leaders and Thinkers) PDF

By Samuel Willard Crompton

Erasmus challenged Martin Luther's stand on predestination and hottest to stay a member of the Roman Catholic Church whereas urging for its reform. complete color photograph essays illustrate the existence and instances of the spiritual determine.

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He was headed for Basel, home of John Froben, his most recent printer and publisher. Along the way, Erasmus was feted by the townspeople of the German city of Strasbourg. He was astonished by the extent to which his fame had grown and by how well his works had been received. In Strasbourg, Erasmus met and dined with Sebastian Brant, author of The Ship of Fools. The two men doubtless had much to say to one another, but no record exists of their conversation. Erasmus did, however, go further in his praise of Germany and the Germans than he had done in almost any other nation.

Known as the Ninetyfive Theses, the arguments were against indulgences and against the very concept behind them. 49 At first, the church did not respond. Neither Pope Leo X nor his cardinals believed that this challenge from the German monk would come to very much. They were mistaken. The advent of the printing press meant that Luther’s Theses were translated, printed, and distributed across Europe in a matter of months. Soon, Christians everywhere were discussing the matter of indulgences. Erasmus, too, would also be drawn into the discussion.

Julius was the most materialistic and ambitious of all the Renaissance era popes, the only one to actually don armor and go forth into combat. Erasmus was deeply offended by this display of worldly power from the Holy See. Years later, he penned the rather vicious “Julius Exclusus,” describing how St. Peter greeted Julius at the gates of heaven: Julius: What the devil is up? The gates not open? Some one has monkied with the lock. Peter: Maybe you have the wrong key. You’ve got the key of power.

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