Design patterns : elements of reusable object-oriented by Erich Gamma PDF

By Erich Gamma

Those texts hide the layout of object-oriented software program and think about how one can examine standards, create strategies after which translate designs into code, displaying builders how one can make useful use of the main major contemporary advancements. A precis of UML notation is incorporated.

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2. We defined the Rectangle::Draw in terms of the DrawRect operation on the Window instance: void Rectangle::Draw (Window* w) { w->DrawRect(_x0, _y0, _x1, _y1); } 53 54 The default implementation of DrawRect uses the abstract operation for drawing rectangles declared by WindowImp: void Window::DrawRect ( Coord x0, Coord y0, Coord x1, Coord y1 ) { _imp->DeviceRect(x0, y0, x1, y1); } where _imp is a member variable of Window that stores the WindowImp with which the Window is configured. The window implementation is defined by the instance of the WindowImp subclass that _imp points to.

This is in contrast to merely replacing the parent class operation, which would omit the call to MonoGlyph::Draw. 7. Scroller is a MonoGlyph that draws its component in different locations based on the positions of two scroll bars, which it adds as embellishments. When Scroller draws its component, it tells the graphics system to clip to its bounds. Clipping parts of the component that are scrolled out of view keeps them from appearing on the screen. Now we have all the pieces we need to add a border and a scrolling interface to Lexi's text editing area.

For example, you could maintain a registry that maps strings to factory objects. That lets you register instances of new factory subclasses without 49 50 modifying existing code, as the preceding approach requires. And you don't have to link all platform-specific factories into the application. That's important, because it might not be possible to link a MotifFactory on a platform that doesn't support Motif. But the point is that once we've configured the application with the right factory object, its look and feel is set from then on.

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