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Ii. Dissolution of Si0 2 , A1 2 0 3 and calcium sources (CaS0 4 & CaO). Si0 2 + A1 2 0 3 OH- , Si0 2 (OH) 2 ' 2 or SiO(OH) 3 l + Al(OH) 4 _1 C a S 0 4 , CaO H2 Ca +2 + S0 4 " 2 + O H 1 ° Precipitation/Condensation reactions Ca +2 + Si0 2 (OH) 2 2 - or SiO(OH)3"1+ Al(OH) 4 _1 * CASH gel (1) Na + + Si0 2 (OH) 2 2 - or S i C K O H y ^ AKOH)^ 1 ► NASH gel (2) Developments in Strategic Materials and Computational Design IV • 33 Role of Si0 2 and Al 2 0 3 on the Properties of Geopolymers with and without Calcium As CASH gel is stable at high pH (>12) environments and reaction 1 is dominant in the setting process where as reaction 2 becomes feasible at lower pH (9-12) where NASH is stable.

The glasses were first ultrasonically washed to remove contaminants such as paper scraps, metal, plastic, and organic matter to avoid unwanted chemical or physical interactions during the geopolymerization.

A similar effect of decreasing contents of unreacted metakaolin is also indicated along the series of samples M2 to M5 considering earlier XRD and IR investigations 8 ' 9 . e. 75°C compared to 25°C. Instead the constitution of the initial waterglass (degree of condensation, water and hydroxide content) and the waterglass to metakaolin ratio sensitively govern the reaction volume whereas the temperature strongly influences the reaction kinetics 8. The effect of quartz in the binder Significant differences in the development of compressive strength of the geo-cement M5, the geo-mortar (M5 plus sand) and ordinary Portland cement (OPC) and its mortar counterpart are observed during ageing (Fig.

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