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By P. Pauliat

Русско-французский и французско-русский словарь. a hundred thirty five 000 слов.
Dictionnaire Français-Russe et Russe-Français. one hundred thirty five 000 mots. Cet ouvrage couvre de manière pédagogique les lexiques français et russe et répond efficacement aux questions posées par l. a. lecture des textes russes et los angeles traduction et los angeles rédaction en russe. Le traitement clair et convivial du lexique fait de ce ouvrage un outil basic dutilisation : laccès à linformation est facilité par des symptoms de sens précises, les one hundred thirty five 000 mots, expressions et traductions sont traités en contexte par de nombreux exemples.

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Org Across 1 will vibrate 3 had lowered 6 will excite 10 had appraised, had estimated, had assessed 12 will reciprocate 14 had evacuated 17 will exceed, will surpass, will outclass 20 will recommend, will commend 25 had ripened, had maturated 26 had extinguished, had deleted, had erased 27 will ascend 28 had seduced, had enticed, had allured 29 had shaken, had affected Down 2 will incubate 4 will underestimate, will underrate, will undervalue 5 will publish 7 will include, will enclose 8 will encourage 9 will subtract 10 had amalgamated 11 will replace, will supersede 13 will require, will necessitate 15 had kindled, had ignited, had lightened 16 18 19 21 will cede, will relinquish had exhaled, had transpired had frightened, had browbeaten had hardened, had stiffened, had toughened 22 had embalmed 23 will aerate 24 had exaggerated, had overdone, had overdrawn Solutions: abaixaras, abalaras, acendêramos, amadureceras, amalgamaras, amedrontáramos, apagaras, arejará, ascenderão, avaliaras, cederão, embalsamaras, encorajarão, endurecêramos, evacuaras, exageraras, exalaras, excederão, excitarão, incluirão, incubarão, necessitarão, publicarão, reciprocarão, recomendarão, seduzíramos, subestimarão, substituirão, subtrairão, vibrarão.

Org Across 1 agree, accede, comply 2 hire 5 come 6 deserve 7 live, dwell 10 live, dwell 11 bleed 13 chalice, goblet, calyx 14 look 17 quiet, calm, appeased 20 fight, make war, struggle 22 brittle, fragile, breakable 23 avocado, alligator pear 24 feed 25 uncovering, discovering, detecting Down 1 run 2 sharpen, whet 3 deny, negate, withhold 4 shoot 6 wall 8 bury, burial, funeral 9 remove, fend 12 fire, dismiss, to dismiss 13 guess, conjecture, presume 15 indicate, indicates 16 snore 18 slope, acclivity, gradient 19 calf, veal 21 pitcher, carafe, jug 23 support, back, lean Solutions: abacate, afastais, afias, alimentamos, alugo, apoiar, aponta, cálice, combater, concordais, conjectura, corrido, declive, descobrindo, despedir, disparem, enterro, jarra, mereceis, moro, muro, negais, olhamos, quebradiço, roncar, sangrais, sossegado, vinde, vitela.

29 words). org 31 Puzzle #27: Level 4 - Easy 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 13 16 15 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 © Philip M. org Across 3 will observe, will behold 8 will chew, will masticate 9 had greeted 10 would manage, would govern, would superintend 11 will retain, will detain, will withhold 12 would insure, would assure, would asseverate 18 20 21 26 27 had owed, had would deserve will bury, will inter had hired would advertise, would announce 28 had slain 29 had shot Down 1 had abounded, had teemed 2 would confuse, would addle, would confound 4 had insisted 5 will uncover, will discover, will detect 6 will slay 7 would ask 10 had destroyed, had quashed 13 had retained, had detained, had withheld 14 will pose 15 16 17 19 22 23 24 25 would seem would acquit, would absolve will despise had determined had occupied had owed, had would live, would dwell had divided, had disintegrated, had apportioned Solutions: absolveria, abundara, alugara, anunciaríeis, asseguraria, confundiria, descobriremos, desprezaremos, destruíreis, determinaras, devêramos, dirigiríeis, disparáreis, dividira, enterrarão, insistíreis, mastigareis, matarão, matáreis, mereceríeis, moraríeis, observareis, ocupara, parecerias, perguntaríamos, posaremos, reterão, retiveram, saudara.

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