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By Jean Markale

Les chamanes qui se multiplient aujourd'hui seraient-ils les héritiers de nos druides, disparus lors de l. a. conquête romaine ou absorbés dans le christianisme triomphant ? S'il y a, en effet, des rapports certains entre ces " hommes médecines " que séparent deux millénaires, ils ne sont pas ceux qu'on think. Spécialiste du monde celtique, Jean Markale nous apporte un nouvel éclairage sur ce profond mystère : y a-t-il une culture qui aurait perduré secrètement à travers les campagnes, à l'abri des enseignements officiels, et quel serait son lien avec le chamanisme contemporain ? Ou bien existe-t-il un fonds commun plus ancien encore puisqu'il remonterait aux origines de l'humanité ? Jean Markale bâtit son enquête minutieuse sur l'arsenal des connaissances dont nous disposons les découvertes archéologiques. les plus récentes, l'étude des légendes et des mythes, le folklore européen, les pratiques obscures et les superstitions qui habitent encore certains cash reculés d'Europe. En faisant ainsi l. a. half des choses entre le druidisme tel que nous pouvons le connaître aujourd'hui à travers des resources extrêmement fragmentaires et le chamanisme contemporain, porté par une nouvelle imprecise de spiritualité, il nous révèle de précieux itinéraires qui réjouiront tous ceux qui recherchent avec ardour los angeles connaissance des mystères du monde :

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Perhaps Millerand argued the point best, reminding his fellow socialists that they are ‘‘patriots, profoundly patriots, patriots of feeling and of reason. . ’’∏≠ While revanchisme is certainly prevalent here, more noteworthy is that both sides felt that they were serving the cause of lasting peace with their opposing positions on the alliance. For the socialist Left, this meant going against popular sentiment, including that of many of their own constituents, by refusing to accept an agreement with an autocratic power.

Faithful to its goal of becoming a new International, delegates from across France gathered in Saint-Etienne on July 14 to 16, 1905. There were no breakthroughs at the congress, yet no major disruptions either. After debate on issues such as ‘‘desertion and its practical value,’’ the section returned to the principles that had united it in the first place, in particular its commitment to insurrection (the workers’ revolution) in the case of war, and the more conciliatory position that because ‘‘desertion only constitutes an individual action without practical value from the antimilitarist viewpoint, the aia would ‘‘neither condemn nor advocate’’ it.

It did not take long for police to link the brochures with the receipts and build a strong case against Pouget. On learning that Herzig had sent him twenty thousand copies of À L’armée, police traced the packages to Pouget’s luckless contacts and forced them to stand trial with him and other leaders of the March 9 rally. ’’ Consequently the June trial, dubbed the ‘‘Louise Michel A√air’’ after the female anarchist who led the protest, made headlines for a week and included evidence that Pouget’s chemicals could be used to make explosives.

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