Econoguide '99-'00 Ski and Snowboard America: The Best by Corey Sandler PDF

By Corey Sandler

There's info on greater than 1,000 ski and skiing inns in the course of the usa and Canada together with: direction stipulations and degrees. amenities and costs. leisure.

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But when it comes to boots, you're going to need to spend some time in the ski shop to gain feet-on experience. Although you can probably save some money buying ski boots at some discount stores, warehouse stores, or through the want ads, this is a classic example of being penny-wise and pound foolish. Spend the time and money to do it right, or you will regret saving money every time you hit the slopes. Start by putting on a proper pair of ski socks, not an old pair of gym socks and not a heavy pair of woolen hiking stockings.

Also be aware that nearly every kind of health insurance has an exclusionary period for preexisting conditions. If you are sick before you set out on a trip, you may find the policy will not pay for treating the problem. Page 19 Chapter 3 I See by Your Outfit That You Are a Skier I've been a skier for more than 35 years, long enough to remember icy cold, lace-up ski boots made of leather; long, stiff, and heavy wooden skis; and leather thong bindings that tied you down in every way but safely. Believe methose were not the good old days.

Sure, one company may offer a larger plastic bag of peanuts, while the other promises its flight attendants have more accommodating smiles. Me, I'm much more interested in other things: 1. Safety 2. The most convenient schedule 3. The lowest price Sometimes I'm willing to trade price for convenience, but I'll never risk my neck for a few dollars. That doesn't mean I don't try my darnedest to get the very best price on airline tickets. I watch the newspapers for seasonal sales and price wars, clip coupons from the usual and not-so-usual sources, consult the burgeoning world of Internet travel agencies, and happily play one airline against the other.

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