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But there is not a great deal that can be said on this score. The rivers of the north are effective highways and readily linked by canals to each other and to the great rivers, the Meuse, the Moselle, and the Rhone. The failure to achieve the canalization of the Meuse and the Moselle, except within France, doubtless lies at the door of international politics. 52 As we have seen, however, France had opportunities to build other canals. The Rhone and the Loire are difficult rivers, full for a short space of time during the year and dry the rest, difficult to link to the Seine and to each other.

403). Both statements seem excessive. n See the authorized history of de Wendel ( Sedillot, La Maison de Wendel, 1958, p. 250 ), which discusses concessions or participations acquired in 1900, 1904, 1908. a:~ Bum, Economic History of Steelmaking, pp. 154-161, esp. 159. The French Ministry of Commerce (Rapport generale, pp. 33ff) claims that the French price of coal is 20 percent higher than the German and 40 percent higher than the British; the French coke price 54 percent higher than the British ( 34 francs per ton against 22) and 62 percent higher than the German ( 34: against 21 ) .

In the Domar variant, on the other hand, with an inadequate supply of savings relative to the demand for investment, there will be full employment and relatively high rates of interest. Nor is it sufficient to deal with the overall demand for capital and supply of savings. If the former is weak, it is necessary to ascertain why. , Maddison, "Growth in Western Europe" ( 1959). Capital 37 away in inefficient uses - for example, by being loaned abroad when they are "needed" at home. The Harrod-Domar model links new investment to increments in income by means of a capital;output ratio.

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