Effective Java: Programming Language Guide by Joshua Bloch PDF

By Joshua Bloch

(Pearson schooling) operating suggestions to programming demanding situations confronted by means of Java builders each day, revealing what to do to provide transparent, strong and effective code. comprise principles in brief essay shape, and the author's 'war stories,' giving suggestion and insights into nuances of the language. Softcover.

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Furthermore, a protected member of an exported class represents a public commitment to an implementation detail (Item 15). The need for protected members should be relatively rare. There is one rule that restricts your ability to reduce the accessibility of methods. 3]. This is necessary to ensure that an instance of the subclass is usable anywhere that an instance of the superclass is usable. If you violate this rule, the compiler will generate an error message when you try to compile the subclass.

Extension) return 1; } return 0; // All fields are equal While this method works fine, it can be improved. Recall that the contract for compareTo does not specify the magnitude of the return value, only the sign. extension; } This trick works fine here but should be used with extreme caution. MAX_VALUE (2 -1). The reason this trick does not work in general is that a signed 32-bit integer is not big enough to represent the difference between two arbitrary signed 32-bit integers. If i is a large positive int and j is a large negative int, (i-j) will overflow and return a negative value.

This is the case, for example, for the PhoneNumber class in Item 8. clone(); } catch(CloneNotSupportedException e) { throw new Error("Assertion failure"); // Can't happen } } If, however, your object contains fields that refer to mutable objects, using this clone implementation can be disastrous. elements = new Object[initialCapacity]; } public void push(Object e) { ensureCapacity(); elements[size++] = e; } public Object pop() { if (size == 0) throw new EmptyStackException(); Object result = elements[--size]; elements[size] = null; // Eliminate obsolete reference return result; } // Ensure space for at least one more element.

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