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content material: Emulsification and emulsion polymerization of styrene utilizing combos of cationic surfactant and lengthy chain fatty alcohols or alkanes as emulsifiers / A.R.M. Azad, J. Ugelstad, R.M. Fitch, and F.K. Hansen --
the consequences of polyvinyl alcohols at the polymerization of vinyl acetate / Alexander S. Dunn, Christopher J. Tonge, and Samir A.B. Anabtawi --
Micellar measurement impression in emulsion polymerization / Irja Piirma and Pao-Chi Wang --
Interfacial phenomena in emulsion polymerization of polar monomers / V.I. Yeliseyeva and A.V. Zuikov --
Gel-effect in emulsion polymerization of vinyl monomers / N. Friis and A.E. Hamielec --
Emulsion polymerization of multifunctional monomers : coaching of reactive microgels / W. Obrecht, U. Seitz, and W. Funke --
Kinetics and mechanism of the emulsion polymerization of vinyl acetate / M. Nomura, M. Harada, W. Eguchi, and S. Nagata --
decision of latex particle measurement from polymerization premiums / Carlton G. strength --
Polymerization of acrylonitrile in ultracentrifugal fields / Adolf G. elements and Enn Elbing --
Radiation brought on emulsion polymerization of vinyl chloride / J. Barriac, R. Knorr, E.P. Stahel, and V. Stannett --
Aqueous-phase polymerization of butadiene initated by way of cobalt (III) acetylacetonate / D.C. Blackley and W.F.H. Burgar --
Emulsion redox copolymerization of vinyl ferrocene / F. Louis Floyd --
Molecular weight improvement in styrene and methyl methacrylate emulsion polymerization / Howard L. James, Jr. and Irja Piirma --
Molecular weight and molecular weight distribution of polystyrene got with suspension polymerization / V.D. Yenalyev and V.I. Melnichenko --
Redox polymerization in emulsion / Henry Warson --
sensible colloidal debris for immunoresearch / S.P.S. Yen, A. Rembaum, R.W. Molday, and W. Dreyer --
Mechanical balance of vinyl chloride homopolymer and copolymer latices / O. Palmgren --
impact of surfactant constitution at the electrodeposition of cationic latexes / E.H. Wagener, S.R. Kurowsky, D.S. Gibbs, and R.A. Wessling --
impression of viscosity and solubility parameter of a nonreactive liquid additive at the emulsion polymerization of styrene / Donald R. Owen, Donald McLemore, Wan-Li Liu, R.B. Seymour, and William N. Tinnerman --
Viscoelastic houses of acrylic latex interpenetrating polymer networks as huge temperature span vibration damping fabrics / J.E. Lorenz, D.A. Thomas, and L.H. Sperling --
New advancements of crosslinkable emulsion polymers / Henry Warson --
non-stop emulsion polymerization : regular nation and temporary experiments with vinyl acetate and methyl methacrylate / R.K. Greene, R.A. Gonzalez, and G.W. Poehlein --
Structural framework for modelling emulsion polymerization reactors / K.W. Min and W.H. Ray --
non-stop emulsion polymerization of styrene in a tubular reactor / Mainak Ghosh and T.H. Forsyth --
amendment of polystyrene with polybutadiene and the tactic of learning morphology of the got multiphase excessive impression structures / V.D. Yenalyev, N.A. Noskova, and B.V. Kravchenko.

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E . , m i c e l l a r s i z e , t h i s maximum P(N) i s located i n the present sys­ tem o f polymerization. This information can again be obtained from those l i n e a r regression equations i n Table I I . Since for a given surfactant r a t i o , r , the m i c e l l a r s i z e or m i c e l l a r weight, i s known from the r e s u l t s of l i g h t s c a t t e r i n g studies (Figure 3), the t o t a l surfactant concentration, expressed i n In C χ 10 , can be c a l c u l a t e d t o give the desired number of mixed m i c e l l e s .

F> % Q o n PVAc htex. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1976. 30 EMULSION POLYMERIZATION which i m p l i e s that some other f a c t o r i s also i n f l u e n c i n g one or other o f these e f f e c t s . I t i s p o s s i b l e that there are s i g n i f i c a n t d i f f e r e n c e s i n adsorption e n t h a l p i e s so that amounts adsorbed under polymerisation temperatures cannot be i n f e r r e d from isotherms determined at room temperature. Seeded Polymerisation a f t e r P o l y v i n y l A l c o h o l Adsorption.

And Vardanyan, Arm. Khim. Zhur. (1967) 20, 338. 18. , Preprint (1972) 13 1261 19. , contributio Science Group Discussion on 'Characterisation and Colloidal Properties of PolymerLatices',Bristol, 26/27 June 1974. 20. , Plast. Massy. (1974) 15 (8): English translation, Int. Polym. Sci. Tech. (1975) 2, T82 (1). 21. I. , Vysokomol. Soed. A (1975) 17, 182 (1), cf. Chem. Abstr. (1975) 82, 140547b. 22. , Vysokomol. Soed. A, (1972) 14, 2097: English translation, Polym. Sci. USSR, (1972) 14, 2354. 23. , Makromol.

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