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By Jan W. Gooch

This reference, in its moment variation, comprises greater than 7,500 polymeric fabric phrases, together with the names of chemical substances, techniques, formulae, and analytical tools which are used often within the polymer and engineering fields. This lavishly illustrated identify comprises an appendix of biochemical and microbiological phrases, hence supplying formerly unpublished fabric making the publication specific from all opponents. Supplementary fabric reminiscent of audio records with pronuncitions of every time period might be discovered at the Springer web site Interactive equations published at the author's web site deliver very important relationships to lifestyles. each one succinct access bargains a commonly obtainable definition in addition to cross-references to similar phrases.

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Brookes/Cole, New York. Also known as activated charcoal. Activated complex n. A short‐lived combination formed by collision of reactant particles in an elementary process; also called transition state. Activation (1626) n. The process of making more active: to make (as moleclules) reactive or more reactive; inducing radioactivity in a specimen by bombardment with neutron or other types of radiation; rendering a thermoplastic surface more receptive to printing inks, paints, and adhesives by chemical treatment such as carbon and alumina; corona discharge or flame treatment; energetic elevation of a molecule to a state in which it becomes ready to react with another molecule.

An acoustical material in board form, usually having unit dimensions of 24 in.  24 in. (approx. 61cm  61cm) or less. Usually used on ceilings but also may be applied to sidewalls. Harris CM (2005) Dictionary of architecture and construction. , New York. Acoustic coating n. Coating which absorbs or deadens sound. Harris CM (2005) Dictionary of architecture and construction. , New York. See anti‐noise paints. Acoustic emission testing n. A non‐destructive test for determining material or structural integrity by detecting and recording location, amplitude, and frequency of sound emissions as test loads are applied.

John Wiley and Sons Inc. New York. Active metal n. Metal in a condition of high chemical activity that is more susceptible to corrosion. Active site n. A location on the surface of a heterogeneous catalyst or an enzyme at which reactant molecules can combine and react with low required activation energy. Smith MB, March J (2001) Advanced organic chemistry, 5th edn. John Wiley and Sons, New York. Odian GC (2004) Principles of polymerization. , New York. Activity \ak‐|ti‐ve‐te¯\ (1530) n. A quantity which measures the parent or effective concentration (or, for a gas, partial pressure) of a species and which takes into account interparticle interactions which produce non‐ideal behavior.

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